Since the 1st of December 2017 we are closed!

Thank you very much for your interest.

We don't accept any reservation for the FRIEDRICHS anymore!


e.g.  franconian carp filet (in the season), Wiener Schnitzel (veal cutlets), franconian stewed pork shoulder (“Schäuferla“), sausage orgy, franconian beers  and exquisite wines etc.

With a lot of love we create the dishes freshly. Maybe that can take a little time. But you will enjoy it.



FRIEDRICHS Wirtschaft is the Franconian zone

in the middle of Berlin-Friedrichshain!

FRIEDRICHS Wirtschaft is the Franconian zone in the middle of Berlin-Friedrichshain.
It is the go-to place for all Franconians living in Berlin, as well as for friends of the good
taste who love authentic German cooking with a distinct Franconian flavour.

We source our beers, sausages and meat specialities directly from the
Franconian producers in Southern Germany. We are cultivating close personal and trustful relationships with our partners and seal our deals in the Franconian way – with a handshake, because we trust in the spoken word. Come in and convince youself.

FRIEDRICHS Wirtschaft, Niederbarnimstraße 16, D- 10247 Berlin,

Opening times: closed



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